Land of My Birth Central

“Giving Begins at Home”

Our vision is to mobilize more than 1,000,000 Canadian immigrants to give back as little as $10 per month or $120 each year to make a difference locally in their new found “home and native land” (CANADA) and concurrently to the place of their origin or their parents’ origin.

“Land of My Birth Central” is founded on the principle that charity begins at home. Giving as little as $120 each year, together we will generate $120 million dollars to leave our footprints in sands of history. The funds will be used to serve humanitarian purposes in Canada and the donors’ homeland spanning seven primary areas of society:
Arts & Entertainment, Media, Business, Family, Education, Government & Religion


Peel Family Life Centre is the envisioned international home of Land of My Birth Central, to be located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. 
It is a multipurpose facility including a day care, elementary school, high school, a regulation size gymnasium with a multipurpose auditorium and several meeting rooms. It will also include a media centre and a 24-hour state of the art fitness & nutrition.
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Office Contact:
Tel: 905-216-4361
Fax: 905-581-6689


Land of My Birth is the missions and outreach arm of Voice of Deliverance Ministries International
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